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Bankside Chambers members recently entertained the Hon Chris Finlayson, Attorney-General and Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations.Kate Davenport QC welcomed the Attorney. She noted that he shares Bankside members passion for the law, advocacy and belief in the importance of the independent bar. He has also been a steadfast advocate of the importance of the rule of law.The Attorney then spoke about issues of interest to him and his portfolios. At a recent trip to Ottawa in Canada to meet with Attorneys General from the five nations of NZ, the USA, Canada, England and Australia. Chris highlighted the shared challenges that are worrying governments globally during what can only be described as mixed up times. He said the five Attorneys General found common ground on the wide range of issues discussed which included diverse issues such as terrorism, cyber-crime, intelligence agency capabilities, indigenous over-representation in prison systems, euthanasia, first nation issues and cannabis legalisation. As the Minister also responsible for intelligence agencies, the Attorney commented that it was important to focus on high-risk behaviours rather than groups of people. Terrorism is still the major issue for security services and the Minister commented on Australia successful thwarting of a number of Manchester-scale terrorist attacks through excellent policing. He said that this should remind us that terrorism remains a real concern which is very close to home. Cyber-crime also ranks highly as an issue as it enables terrorists, and paedophiles, to continue their criminal activity undetected. In fact, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security in the USA and the UK Home Secretary are set to embark on a visit to Silicon Valley to discuss the urgent need for action around cyber-crime within internet organisations. He also said that all five Attorneys experienced chronic over-representation of indigenous groups in prisons. It was widely agreed at the meeting that a new approach was required where identifying and intercepting at-risk people early in their lives, and investing in social investment wraparound services, would result in a better outcome long term.Bankside Chambers members and special guests and the Minister enjoyed lunch together. The Chambers looks forward to seeing the Minister again very soon.