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Bankside Chambers is Expanding

The members of Bankside Chambers Ltd are pleased to announce that Bankside Chambers is expanding to another floor below its existing floor in the Lumley Centre, Shortland Street, Auckland.  The new floor space will accommodate 15 barristers as well as juniors and support staff.

This expansion is a direct result of increased demand for places in Bankside Chambers. The chambers are delighted to announce that the members who will be moving to the floor include Hon. Paul Heath QC, and Peter Watts QC. The chambers also expect a number of highly qualified new members to take space on level 21. Details of these barristers will be released in due course. Opportunities still exist on the new floor for additional barristers to join the chambers.

Construction of the new offices will commence in December 2018 and are expected to be completed by mid-late March 2019.

We are delighted to now be in a position to accommodate the demand for membership both nationally and internationally within Bankside Chambers.

Bankside Chambers is one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent sets of Chambers with members undertaking a wide variety of legal work and appearing in Courts, Tribunals and Arbitral Tribunals both in New Zealand and abroad.

Bankside Chambers has an office in Singapore at the Maxwell Chambers Centre and some members are also members of chambers in Sydney and London.