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Bankside Chambers was pleased to host a seminar in conjunction with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) last Friday about ICC Arbitration in New Zealand.  The session took the form of a panel chaired by Dr Anna Kirk of Bankside Chambers.

Speakers included Sir Ian Barker QC and Sir David Williams KNZM QC who provided some introductory remarks about the ICC in New Zealand and an explanation of the ICC Rules of Arbitration.

New Zealand members of the panel were joined by Abhinav Bhushan, Director of the ICC (South Asia), who spoke about some of the ICC’s recent initiatives in the areas of expedited arbitrations, the publication of awards and diversity.

As the ICC offers a model arbitration clause for trust deeds, Daniel Kalderimis (Chapman Tripp) analysed the arbitration provisions in the new Trusts Act, particularly in light of international arbitration and the enforceability of awards outside of New Zealand.

The panel also discussed practical elements of ICC arbitration.  Dr Derek Johnstone (Thorndon Chambers) explained the case management issues arising under the ICC Rules that parties should be aware of before undertaking an ICC arbitration.  Lauren Lindsay (Bankside Chambers) then spoke about why NZ parties might consider using ICC arbitration for cross-border disputes and how to draft an ICC arbitration clause.