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Earlier this year, Brian Dickey announced he would be stepping down as Auckland Crown Solicitor and leaving the partnership at MC to commence practice as a barrister. Brian will join Bankside commencing February 2023.


Brian is one of New Zealand’s most well-known lawyers having conducted many high profile cases over a number of years. As Crown Solicitor, Brian is best known for his conduct of extremely high profile murder trials including the murder of Grace Millane in R v Kempson and the murder of Constable Matthew Hunt and attempted murder of Constable David Goldfinch in R v Epiha.


He has also been involved in significant ‘white collar’ cases in both criminal and civil jurisdictions. Brian acted for the FMA, Registrar of Companies and the SFO most notably in the conduct of the cases brought after the collapse of the finance company sector consequential to the GFC most notably R v Petricevic. Brian prosecuted the leading New Zealand public official corruption case R v Borlase in 2016.


Throughout his career Brian has maintained a private practice in civil litigation. He acts for substantial private and public entities in tort, contract, insolvency and public law areas such as Vector Ltd v Utilities Disputes Commissioner in 2018 and currently the defamation case Talley’s Group Ltd v TVNZ.


Brian’s experience and expertise see him uniquely placed to assist in complex contentious cases whether arising in commercial, insolvency, regulatory or disciplinary contexts.  


Brian very much looks forward to joining Bankside and has been impressed by the professionalism, collegiality and warmth of welcome from his soon-to-be colleagues.


“It is a great set of chambers to be joining. I have loved my time at MC and as Crown Solicitor and working with my private clients. I now look forward to continuing to work with leading private sector clients.”


We look forward to welcoming Brian in early 2023.