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Jeremy Johnson has been appointed to the Advisory Board for the prestigious International Trust Arbitration Organisation (ITAO).


The ITAO is an independent body which promotes and facilitates alternative dispute resolution for fiduciary arrangements primarily across Commonwealth jurisdictions.  The Council provides access to the world’s leading experts in common law trust arbitration. The ITAO is a widely respected body in both its research capacity and as an alternative dispute resolution agency.


The Advisory Board explores mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution in international fiduciary disputes in common law trusts.  Jeremy joins many world-leading experts in their field including members from Liechtenstein, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


The ITAO is the only alternative dispute resolution research centre which specialises in common law fiduciary disputes in the world. The organisation was established in Liechtenstein in 1989 however it has a flexible governance structure that allows it to operate across all common law jurisdictions depending on the dispute at hand.


Jeremy’s role on the Advisory Board will mean he is responsible for working with the Board to assist the Director-General in aiding the resolution of common law trust disputes and fulfilling its function as an industry-leading research body.  Jeremy’s expertise in trust disputes both in New Zealand and as a Bankside Chambers member in Singapore, makes him an ideal fit for this high-profile role.


This appointment is another feather in Jeremy’s extensive career in international dispute arbitration and reflects his capability and reputation as an industry-leading dispute resolution expert in New Zealand and abroad.  We congratulate Jeremy on this fine achievement and wish him the best of luck in this post on the international stage.


You can find out more about ITAO, its members and the Advisory Board here: