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Interim injunction issued against associates of the vendors to a restraint of trade

In Feng v Liu [2017] NZHC 2479 the High Court issued an interim injunction against the wives of, and a newly formed company associated with, the vendors in an agreement for the sale and purchase of shares.  The claim against these associated persons was for inducement of breaches of a restraint of trade clause in the agreement.  The High Court followed the reasoning from an English Court of Appeal case on similar facts (Gilford Motor Co Ltd v Horne [1933] All ER 109).  In Gilford it was held that the associated company although not a sham was effectively a device to enable the vendor to breach a restraint of trade.

Alan Sorrell appeared on behalf of the applicant.

Pro bono work at Bankside

In another segment in Bankside’s Brown Bag Lunch series, members of Bankside gathered on Monday 6 November to discuss the ways in which they manage their pro bono work and the issues surrounding the involvement of junior practitioners.  The discussion was led by Alan Sorrell and Augustine Choi.  The members present welcomed special guest Jim Farmer QC who talked about his recent experiences alongside Suzanne Robertson QC and a team from Chapman Tripp in the Spencer v Ministry of Health litigation.

By Augustine Choi