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Employed barrister: Relationship property, trusts and fiduciaries.

I am looking for a full-time junior barrister to work with me in Bankside Chambers from February 2018. The work is in regard to assisting me with large scale relationship property, trust and fiduciary cases. The work will include drafting opinions, drafting pleadings, drafting affidavits and drafting submissions. The job is probably most suited for someone who wants to specialise in this area going forward.I am looking for someone who has at least one year experience post-qualification. An excellent academic record and has excellent computer skills (because I don't!).The successful applicant will get plenty of exposure to domestic property law, the opportunity to appear in Court and be able to work independently in chambers with other barristers.Please send your CV (including academic records) to Lady Deborah Chambers QC, Bankside Chambers, level 22, 88 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010, E: