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Bankside Chambers members and guests were treated to a fascinating address from the Solicitor General, Una Jagose QC, late last week at Bankside Chambers where she shared a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of her role. Having been Solicitor General since 2016, Ms Jagose gave an insight into her experiences so far, viewing it as both a privilege and a burden.She said that she saw her role as having three main components requiring her to lead the Crown Law Office, spending time appearing for the Crown on important cases and also advising Government on topics that touch upon law and Government. Ms Jagose considered that of these three roles leading Crown Law was the most important. Ms Jagose describes herself as a proud public servant who is conscious that her role is one of the most interesting and influential roles a lawyer can have.How she tries to use influence in her role was another strong theme of Ms Jagose address. She reminded the audience that the rule of law is very important to the integrity of the judicial system and she spoke of the need for Crown Law to ensure that it was responsive, timely and provided value for money for Crown Law clients who were government agencies.Ms Jagose is very interested in the opportunity to see what legal issues society might or will face and then attempt to plan for these and consider the way the law might develop to addressing them.The three distinct functions of Crown Law  better government decisions, enhancing criminal justice law and preserving the credibility of rule of law  rounded off the luncheon topics.